Sunday, October 26, 2014

End of summer but not mens Speedos

Lucky for me and other guys who are into mens Speedos that the end of summer has nothing to do with not seeing hot guys wearing mens Speedos. Sure the beaches are starting to empty with maybe just a few more weeks of beach time in SoCal and Parts of Florida. That means no more spotting hot guys in tiny Speedos, bikinis, thongs and G-strings until next summer unless you are taking a winter vacation to some place nice and warm. That said there are still plenty of places to spot men wearing Speedos all year around. It is easy for me because I enjoy wearing Speedos, bikinis and thongs. Winter time for me means joining a master’s swim team at my gym and seeing lots of great looking guys changing in and out of their Speedos. I imagine it is hard for the straight guys to keep their eyes off of some of these amazing bodies. There are few things I find more exciting than seeing a completely shaved man with no body hair wearing a tiny Speedo getting out of the water and drying off in the middle of winter. I might be raining outside but it is hot as hell around my pool. I also swim at my local collage and the guys there are just magnificent . There are many men like me in their middle ages and extremely fit that meet up to swim there. I am in a long term relationship with a wonderful man who completely understands my Speedo fetish. I find it interesting how many young guys I meet at the collage that are interested in relationships with older guys. I look but I do not sample the menu too often. I have met younger guys who are eager to come home and play with me and my boyfriend which can be a blast but most often I look but don’t touch. Trying to pick up on these hot bodies is not what I am after for the most part I just like taking in the scenery. It always gets me hot and I know there is someone waiting at home who loves me and is ever so ready for a round of hot sex.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Mens Speedos and supercharging them to look sexier!

Mens Speedos are sexy just as they come from the factory but if you visit any beach in LA or Miami and check out the guys wearing mens Speedos you will notice a difference in the way the look and they way they fit. The interesting thing is that people checking out men wearing supercharged Speedos know there is something different about them but it is hard to put their finger on it. The number one change to hop up your Speedo is to cut out the liner. When you carefully cut away the liner making sure not to cut the Speedos fabric it leaves you with a suit that fits like it has been spray painted onto you. You can see the wearer’s penis bulge much more clearly and with many men you can make out the exact size and shape of the shaft and the balls and that is before they get wet. Once wet the Speedos are almost invisible an extremely stunning visual and every now and then you see a man with a total erection in a hoped up Speedo. You can see it all and if he is large enough you can see the bulging veins of the shaft. Seeing men wearing these swimsuits gets me so wet and I know I am not the only guy who feels that way not to mention the girls who are literally dripping wet from the sight of these monster cocks just barely covered in spandex. I can’t imagine how much more popular men’s competitive swimming meets would be if all the guys were wearing Speedos with the liners cut out.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Mens Speedos and playing Volleyball

I had no idea how popular mens Speedos are becoming again. I used to see guys wearing them all the time years ago and then they seemed to fall out of popularity at least at our local beaches. The other day I saw a bunch of guys and girls playing Volleyball at a very competitive level. All the guys were wearing mens Speedos. I was quite surprised by the sight. Everyone is used to seeing the girls playing in sexy little bikinis but for the most part men wear shorts. These guys looked so hot and my wife could not take her eyes off of them come to think of it there were more girls watching the match than men. This match was being played on the beach in in between games everyone would run down to the water and take a dip. We were sitting on the beach and I must say it was quite a sight seeing all these hot guys with great bodies in mens Speedos it made me want to go work out just so I could wear a pair of them. My wife said she wants to come back next week to watch the games but I think she just wants to see if the guys wear their little bikinis again. Hot girls and hot guys there was plenty there for both of us to see.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Forced to wear mens Speedos

You might love wearing mens Speedos now but do you remember being forced to wear mens Speedos in gym class, in front of all the girls at your school. My first Speedo experience was not all that great. I was in my teens and not nearly as developed as many of the other guys. Not only was I skinny but unlike most of the guys I did not even have hair on my legs yet and barely any pubes. I was terrified to wear a Speedo in front of the other guys, the teachers and worst of all the girls. Some of the guys would tease me saying I looked more like a girl. Getting older I realized many guys go through the same type of problems in high school. Men develop at different speeds but we all catch up at some point it just would have been nice to catch up in high school which unfortunately did not happen. It’s funny how things turn out. I hated wearing Speedos all through school and figured once I was out that would be the end of wearing them. The reality was at some level I really liked wearing Speedos they actually turned me on. That scared the shit out of me then but now I am into it. I wear Speedos, bikinis and even G-strings now. I love spandex swimsuits and the truth is that all started with being forced to wear Speedos. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Mens Speedos and cold water

One of my big issues when wearing mens Speedos is cold water and how little my penis becomes once immersed in it. I start off fairly small but in mens Speedos my penis looks fine that is until I swim in the Ocean. The water is cold year around and the second I get in I can feel it getting smaller. I know that lots of men shrink up in cold water but my penis virtually becomes invisible. I look like a little kid with nothing in there. I swim in lots of competitions and once out of the water standing around talking to other men and women I can always see them look at my Speedo. It really looks like something is missing. I get so small I have thought or wearing a men's micro bikini or even women’s bikini bottoms but the problem with that is they will not fit until I shrink up. Does anyone else have a problem as extreme as mine?

Friday, October 3, 2014

Are men’s Speedos bikinis?

I wonder is more guys would wear mens Speedos if they thought they were bikinis or if they were not considered bikinis. If you are reading this my guess is that you have had on a pair of mens Speedos and liked them or you are thinking about mens speedos and wearing them for the first time. I can tell you from personal experience that slipping on my first Speedo was a life changing event for me. I could not believe how wonderful they felt on my body. When I first started wearing Speedos they were called bikinis. When I asked the sales girl at the sporting goods shop if they carried Speedos she said yes we do they are right over her and then asked me what color bikini I wanted. Up until that point I never thought about Speedos being bikinis. Bikinis were for girls were they not? From that point on I realized  most people considered a speedo a man’s bikini. When I first had on a pair at a swim party when I was just fourteen some of the boys teased me about wearing a bikini. Guess I am lucky I have think skin because I did not care. I liked the way it looked and the way it felt that and the girls seem to give me more attention. When we started competitive swimming in high school the coaches told everyone to get Speedo Briefs and on the order sheet they were referred to as briefs. When my pair came in I could see a difference. They were much wider on the side than the mens Speedos I had at home. I had never seen this style at the store and yes they looked much more like a brief and the fact is they were nowhere near as much fun to wear. I thought the Speedos that were much narrower at the waist looked way better. Our briefs were in white and after a few weeks of wearing them I had my mom get me a pair of the bikini style ones in white. I was not sure if they would allow me to wear it. One of the coaches said something to me but I told him it is a Speedo and showed the tag. That was the last thing I heard about that. There is a big difference between a Speedo brief and a Speedo bikini it is literally half the size with way less coverage. Compared to the Speedos the rest of the guys in swim class were wearing mine looked like it could have been a girls bikini. A few guys made some jokes about it but after a few days no one noticed except for a few guys and a number of girls

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

My new beach friend

Continued from the last mens Speedos post
We headed over to my car I was wearing my Speedo over my thong and Tracy was just wearing her thong with a little top. She has such great confidence being able to strut around like that. Do you have clothes to change in she said. Yes I have some shorts and a shirt in the car. Parking is tough around my apartment and if you want just grab your stuff and we can walk over to my place it is just a few blocks away. Wearing mens Speedos for walking anywhere other than the beach is something I would usually not do but I did not want to change into my shorts being covered with salt from the water. Do you think it is OK walking to you place in my Speedo I asked?  Its close by she said, I don’t wear a cover up and it’s fine. We walked over and we had a handful of people whistle at us but other than that is was no problem. There were tons of girls walking around in bikinis and my guess is from a car I would look like one of those girls walking with Tracy. I would also think they were looking at her fully exposed rear not mine. We got to her very cute little apartment. Wow what a great place I said and it is so wonderful being so close to the beach. I love living here she said, I love the people, I love the beach and it is close to everything great restaurants and clubs. It was a fantastic location. I need a shower she said and asked if I wanted to take one to. Sure I said I will take one after you. Let’s not waste so much water she said with a wry smile. There’s enough room for both of us. I had seen all of her already at the beach but she had not seen me at least she had not seen me completely nude. She had seen most of me and felt me hard but in some way I was a little worried about not being enough man for her. My cock is on the small side but I thought who cares you only live once and said sure let’s do our share to save some water.  She turned to me and slipped off her top and then her thong bottoms lets go she said as I pulled off my Speedo and then my thong bottoms. I was a little aroused but still small. She came over and kissed me. You are beautiful she said, those were the exact words I was going to say to you I retorted. We went to the shower. It was small and tight in there but there was enough room for us both. We soaped each other off and washed each other’s hair. We kissed some more and she dropped to her knees. I need to do this she said as she slid her mouth around my cock. It felt so wonderful but I said lets dry off, there is not enough room in here to do what I want to do to you. We dried off and went to the bed. She pushed me down and went right for the cock. With my very hard cock in her mouth I slid over so I could get at her. I needed to taste her more than any other girl in my life.  Her pussy was so perfect and as my tongue and fingers enter her I could not believe how dripping wet she was and yes she was very tasty. She was already having an orgasm as I started. I needed that she said and pulled away from my cock and started eating my hole. She was pushing her fingers and tongue deep inside of my ass. I had never been fingered like that and it was incredible.

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