Friday, April 11, 2014

Mens Speedos and how your penis looks wearing them.

I am old school when it comes to wearing mens Sppedos. I wear mens Speedos when swimming at the gym and even when I go for long ocean swims. I used to think mens Speedos were sexy but now my go to designs are much smaller narrow front micro pouch bikinis and thongs. That said I still work out in my Speedos and I like looking good. There are many ways to place your penis in a Speedo. If you are smaller like me you can just go with shaft pushing straight out into the fabric. This style shows just the head of the penis pushing into the Speedo. If I was to wear it up, to the side or down you would easily be able to see the size or in my case the lack of size. Pushed directly into the fabric most cocks will look small unless you are extremely large and thick than you will look well endowed anyway. I want the smooth and efficient look. Once in a while if I feel like showing off how small I am (something many guys are into) I will wear my penis to the side. Pressed against the fabric my shaft looks to be about 1” long unless I am completely hard. I can get away with wearing my cock to the side in men’s Speedos because even fully erect I am only about 4”. Many men who wear their penis to the side are larger than that flaccid so I don’t look out of place. You can still tell I am hard but you can also see I am small and not very think. Not quite a pencil dick but not too far off from that or as my girlfriend says any more than a mouthful is a waste and she can easily get it all in her mouth.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mens Speedos, bikinis and thongs.

Wearing mens Speedos for me led directly to wearing other sexy swimwear designs including bikinis, thongs and once in a while G-strings. Mens Speedos were the first spandex swimsuits I ever had and they were a huge change for me. My first time wearing one was when I joined my high school swim team. Part of the initiation was having my body completely shaved. I and three other team members were stripped down and shaved in front of all the other members. Yes it is a form of hazing but in this case it was something that needed to be done anyways and they were more skilled at it then we were. I looked like a twelve year old with not a lick of hair left on my body. I my pubic hair was gone, all the hair on my legs, chest and butt were gone (which I decided to keep that way forever) and we were given our first team mens Speedos. These suits look much better on hairless bodies. In my opinion the same goes for any sexy swimwear including bikinis, thongs and G-strings.  There is a great reason why the guys on swim teams shave their bodies. It makes you faster in the water period. That said I think a lot of guys like it on a sexual level. I know that I like my women completely shaved too as did many of my friends that were on the swim team.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Mens Speedos and the hotel pool.

We were going on vacation and my then boyfriend Ben bought me a new white Speedo to wear on the trip. I said there was no way he would get me to wear mens Speedos. He asked why and I said they showed to much.  He laughed and said go try it on for me please. I was being a big baby and said I would try them on here in the house but I would never wear mens Speedos around the pool at the hotel. We were going to Palm Springs for some needed relaxation and to lounge around the pool.  I slipped them on and they felt great but you could see the entire outline of my penis. Look at that bulge it shows how small my cock is. Ben said baby you work so hard on your body and you look great, you should be happy to wear a Speedo and show it off. By the way your cock looks yummy in those. The next moment he had them pulled off and he was sucking my cock like it was a piece of candy. Look you have no body hair so you don’t need to groom, the Speedos fit you perfectly and if you wear them I am going to be horny the entire time we are there. After a long weekend of non-stop sex, tanning around the pool wearing my new Speedo (Ben would not even let me cover up with shorts when we would go through the hotel lobby on our way to the room) and seeing that he was right about showing off wearing them (I had men and women checking me out the entire time to Ben’s delight. I decided with help from Ben that wearing mens Speedos around the pool, to the beach and even to the pool parties we would go to was the thing to do. I had no idea that Ben had other swimwear styles in mind but was taking it slow with me. He would eventually buy me sexy bikinis, thongs and even G-strings to wear in public. These are suits I never would have tried if it wasn’t for my first Speedo.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Finding a Beach to Wear My Mens Speedos

I was thinking about wearing some new mens speedos out to the beach the other day when I realized that I live in an area where people aren't exactly as open minded as I am. I would love to be able to go out in public wearing something that people would notice, but the kind of attention I would probably get around here wouldn’t be all that exciting for me. I need to find a way of wearing my new speedos but the next beach is a few hours away and I can't make that drive very often.
I have worn my new mens speedos around the house but that just isn’t the same thing. I tried wearing them out in my backyard but I live in a neighborhood where the yards aren't fenced in or anything, so I ended up getting a lot of dirty looks. I even thought about wearing them to the tanning salon once just so I could get a decent tan. The problem with that is one of my neighbors works there and she would more than likely tell everyone that came in about what I was wearing. It’s really sad when a guy has to worry about things like this.

I do have some vacation time coming up that I could take and maybe that will give me the chance to wear my extreme mens swimwear out in public. I am sure that I can find somewhere that will allow guys to wear speedos like this as long as I can afford it. Maybe I should bite the bullet and simply go to the beach regardless of what others might think about my new speedos. I could end up being the guy that sets a new trend in this area, which really wouldn’t be all that bad of a thing to have happen. On the other hand, I might just get arrested and banned from the beach. I still may try, though. 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mens Speedos and the boys at the beach

I love see guys wearing mens Speedos even though I no longer wear them. I enjoy wearing micro bikinis and thongs because I think they are just extremely sexy. I have lots of straight friends that wear sexy swimwear too but in LA it seems like you find a lot of gay guys wearing mens Speedos. If I see a guy in a Speedo and he’s cute all I need to do is walk down to the water wearing my micro swimsuit and see if he looks. Most of the time they look and smile. Once that happens I know I can get a number and often even more. I have met guys at the beach that have given me oil massages right in front of everything and I even had oral sex in the water. I have had many offers to fuck but I only do safe sex so the beach is out. It is fun getting guys in Speedos aroused because you can see it all happening. There is no room to hide so once they start getting hard you can see how big and thick there cocks are. Size is not that important to me I get just as turned on by a man with a small cock who gets hard in his Speedo. Guys go crazy over a man in a thong and I have had guys that get so turned on they put a towel over me and slide my thong off right on the beach eating my cock until I cum and French kissing my hole. Mens Speedos are not only used by gay men but they are almost always used by guys who are horny. It is even more fun getting a straight guy aroused and giving him the best blow job of his life. He might not tell his friends but he will always remember it. I have met a few straight guys at the beach that are married or have girlfriends but call me when they want a great blow job. The only problem with them is they don’t give but love to get. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Mens Speedos and having a small pouch

Mens Speedos have always been about showing a small bulge which is great for us guys who are on the small side. Having a big cock makes little difference when wearing a Speedo because of the compression effect. Sure if you have a large cock it will show a larger bulge but not that much larger. Since men’s Speedos flatten you out the only way to look larger is to have your penis lay sideways instead of the typical pointing down shape. The problem with being small and having your penis sideways is that you can see the thickness and the total length. This is wonderful if you are medium to large but for us guys who are just a few inches long (some of us much smaller when flaccid) there are better options. First let me say that having a small even a micro bulge is totally in fashion now with many of the designs showing off large cocks and small alike in a micro style pouch. With those bikinis, thongs and G-strings we are all made to look very small, in fact some of those designs are made to feminize the wearer. Being small down there I love these designs because I can fill the pouch every time. I have a number of these swimsuits in my collection some with pouches so small that if I have shrinkage and my penis is well under 1” I can still look hot wearing a micro style bikini. If I was wearing mens Speedos and I have that type of shrinkage I can no longer even where the suit with my penis pointed down it is just pushed against the fabric head first and everyone can see how tiny I am. That has happened to me many times at swim meets. Lucky for me there are girls that like that micro look. The other thing I was going to talk about is the bulge enhancing  men’s swimwear designs. They come in many styles but most of them wok to force both the shaft and balls into the pouch creating a large bulge no matter how tiny your cock is. I have used these suits at the beach with friends that can’t believe how big I am. Do you have a sock in there I have been asked! No it is all me!!!!

Sorry no real models today just me in some of my suits. You can see how small my penis is but it looks huge with the help of the cock ring. (huge once the whole thing is forced into the pouch)

Friday, February 28, 2014

Wearing Mens Speedos

Wearing mens speedos out on the beach has been a lot of fun for me, even if there are some people that don’t like them. I figure that the people that don’t like looking at a sexy man wearing a speedo has an inner issue with who they are rather than just not liking my swimwear. I find that once you go up and start talking to these people, you will see that they are just jealous because they know they wouldn’t look as good in something like this. It’s sad that they feel that way, but understandable at the same time.
I have even seen some guys wearing mens swimwear speedos that probably shouldn’t be showing off that much of their body, but as long as they are enjoying themselves, then I don’t see why it should be anyone else's business what they are wearing. Unfortunately, there are a lot of other people in the world that feel the exact opposite of how I look at things like this and all they want to do is cause problems. The human race really needs to open its mind up a bit and let people experiment with different things that will make them happy if we are going to become enlightened to any degree.

Wearing mens speedos is not something that I would suggest for everyone, at least not out to the beach. Not until you have gotten used to the way they feel while you have them on, that is. I usually like to wear mine around the house for a few days to break them in before taking them out in public and you might want to think about that as well. You would be surprised at how much more comfortable your speedo can be for you if you take the time to wear it around the house before going to the beach.