Monday, November 17, 2014

So you want to model mens Speedos part 3

What a long way I had come from modeling mens Speedos. When I first started modeling mens Speedos I did it for all sorts of companies including sporting goods stores and online shops. I’m not a prude and I even modeled mens Speedos for fetish web sites. They would have use get erections, or wrestle other guys wearing Speedos. It was all fun. I’m sure the men reading and looking at the pictures online thought it was very sexual but it was really just guys having fun. Wearing these new designs with Ass Sparks and butt plugs was an entirely different world. At first I told them I did not want to do it. I thought it was too twisted and freaky but they offered to pay me a lot more money and I did it. To my amazement I loved wearing them. It was a real turn on but I did not tell my employers. I wanted them to think I was unhappy modeling swimwear with anal stimulation so they would keep paying me more. The truth was after wearing them I might have done it for less money than regular swimsuits, it was that much fun. My first time one of the helpers on the shoot asked if I had even used a plug. I said no and she asked if I had ever had an Enema. No I told her I had not and she said I will give you one before we start shooting them so nothing embarrassing happens when you pull out the plug. What could happen I asked. You don’t have much anal sex she said with a laugh and said if you are not cleaned out you could get shit everywhere. I don’t want that I said nervously. Don’t worry she told me that it was easy and it felt great. She had anal sex with her boyfriend all the time and she gave herself an Enema each time. It seems as though they were all prepared. She had me take my clothes off again if you are going to model mens Speedos, swimwear or fetish get used to being naked in front of others and we went to the bathroom. She warmed the water and filled a bulb with it. It had a long plastic tip in it. She put some lube on it and had me bend over. She than put some lube on and inside of me and slipped in the tip. You will feel the water come inside of you she said and when I pull it out you will want to go right away. I want you to try to hold it in she said just like if you needed to go number two and held it back. OK I said and she filled me with the warm water. It did not hurt at all in fact it felt good pushing the tip in and pulling it out. She had me hold it for a few minutes than she had me sit on the toilet and go. The water came flushing out. I stood up and she look into the bowl. You must eat a lot of fiber because you are almost completely clear. Most of the time I would give you a second one but you are ready to go. She had me wait a few minutes and then squat over the toilet to get the rest of the water out. Good thing she had me do it because another little flush of water came out. She told me that was completely normal.  Have you ever had a plug inside of you she asked and I said never. If you would like I can show you how it feels before you go out there. I think that would be a great idea. She went out and came back with a few different plugs, two smaller ones and one very large one. I said let’s start with the small one and she said let’s start with my finger.  They will not need you for about an hour so we will have time to try them all. She put some lube on her fingers and I said before you do that can you tell me your name. She smiled and said Sarah. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

So you want to model mens Speedos part 2

When you have guys changing in and out of mens Speedos, bikinis, thongs and other sexy styles you are going to end up with lots of naked time. There is one make-up artist who just loves me and when we are on set and no other models were there the first thing she would do is get me undressed and suck my cock. She has a boyfriend but she just loves my penis. Often on lunch breaks we will stay behind and have sex most of the break with just enough time to put make-up on again. If there are no girls on set willing to help us guys which does happen on occasion we will help each other. Some of the male models are gay but most are straight. We do get horny wearing these wild designs and there have been many times where we end up sucking each other’s cocks. There have even been models that will let you fuck them in the ass. These guys are usually very good looking with great bodies so helping each other can be fun. As the swimwear gets more extreme the photo shoots get more erotic. When I was only modeling mens Speedos it was fun and the suits were sexy but they were by no stretch of the imagination erotic. As men’s swimwear became smaller and smaller with micro thongs and bikinis it started getting erotic too. No there are companies out there making swimwear designs that have built in cock rings, swimsuits that feminize you and unbelievable designs that have built in butt plugs. My last few photo shoots including wearing bikinis and thongs with butt plugs and a few designs with something called an anal stretcher. The anal stretcher is part of the suit design and it is a large plug with an open hole in the center, a hole so large once the anal stretcher part of the swimsuit is inside of you the inside of your ass is on display which makes these some of the most extreme G-string swimwear styles on the planet. In all my years of modeling I have never seen anything like them and what I find very interesting is they are becoming extremely popular. I thought they might be popular for gay men but as it turns out they sell very well to straight guys too. I was experienced with anal sex but that was giving it and not receiving it so I had a new skill sex to learn. The first photo shoot I went to that had swimsuits with butt plugs shocked me. I was not prepared to wear something like that. I had no idea how it would feel, would it hurt? could I do it ? and of course I would be doing it in front of a lot of people some of which I did not know. All of a sudden I was scared and more than a little shy about getting fucked in the ass for the first time in front of a crowd of people.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

So you want to model mens Speedos!

I have modeled mens Speedos, bikinis, thongs, G-strings and the most extreme micro swimsuit styles along with spandex fetish wear for over sixteen years.  If you would like to get into modeling mens Speedos and sexy swimwear or you just want to know a little about the business I can tell you all!
The first thing is you need to be comfortable in your own skin because you are going to be nude around a lot of people often strangers. You have to be fine with your sexuality because you will be with other nude and barely dressed men and women. You need to be hairless. No hair what so ever on your body, on your penis, no pubic hair, no hair on the legs, butt, chest just hair on your head.  Let’s get this question out of the way. Penis size. A mens swimwear model needs to have a smaller penis, some have very small penises. I would say my falls into the very small range and I have been working sixteen years straight. I have never seen a mens swimwear model who works regularly with anything but a small penis because models used for photography in ads, catalogs, magazines and even in videos are also fitting models and the fact is most men fall into the small penis to medium penis sizes and there are very few of those big ones that people have fantasies about actually out there.  Let’s get the second most popular question out of the way. Do you have lots of sex? Swimwear shoots and fittings are not like working in an office and the truth is that even on some of the most professional shoots I have had sex. Keep in mind that sometimes a model will need to be completely small, as small as possible and at times I like many others I have worked with need to be relieved because we become aroused. Some of the designs require me to be hard and often there is someone willing to help to get the job done as quickly as possible. I have had many girls over the years ranging for photographers, to lighting helpers, make-up artists, corporate types, ones that were just visiting the set, other models girlfriends and wives along with many of the same but in male that have sucked my off, most often in front of everyone, fucked me sometimes in front of others and sometimes in the dressing room. I have had many strip down just to get things more exciting on the shoot. I can say that I have probably been blown, jacked off or fucked latterly hundreds of times over the years on set.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mens Speedos can be feminine

Some guys and many women think that mens Speedos are some of the most masculine swimwear styles a man can wear and in many respects that is true. Mens Speedos are often used by extremely well built swimmers, body builders and other man into sports along with being some of the most popular style swimsuits in many countries. There is also a very feminine side to wearing Speedos that I enjoy and many other men enjoy. A Speedo bulge is almost always very small because the swimsuit itself compresses the bulge to make it look small. Men like me who start off already having a relatively small penis end up having a Speedo bulge that looks almost the same as a girl in a bikini. Mens Speedos are designed to cut through the water effortlessly and to do that they need to be streamlined. Many of the more fashionable bikinis for men actually highlight the pouch and make it the center of attention, the actual focal point of the design. Unlike the Speedo that hides and in many cases feminizes the bulge these designs celebrate it. I love the way Speedos compress my bulge. I run at the beach and almost always wear a pair of Speedos. Not that I have much to swing around but a Speedo keeps all the parts in the right place and makes running on the sand wonderful. I know there is not much to show and if it was about showing off my bulge which at times it is I just switch to a narrow cut pouch focused bikini. One of the more interesting trends and something I have tried are the new male to female transformation swimsuits. It seems there are lots of men who are eager to experiment with their feminine side and these new designs literally recreate the male body into a female body at least when it comes to the genitalia.  

A couple photos of me wearing some very extreme male transformation bikinis.
No penis can be seen it has been completely reshaped.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Is there anything gay about wearing mens Speedos?

First let me say that I feel this is one of the crazy questions asked often by men who are so worried about people thinking they might be anything but straight. I believe asking if there is anything gay about wearing mens Speedos is more than just a tad homophobic, that said I will still answer it because I want to see more guys wearing mens Speedos I believe they are designed to not only make your body look great but they are some of the most effective swimsuit designs to wear while swimming and playing on the beach, racing and just having fun. I don’t believe any style of swimwear changes what you are if you wear a bikini and you are straight you are straight and if you wear a G-string and you are gay you are still gay. The real question should be who cares what other people think. It is such backwards thinking that it is hard to respond to without getting irritated. You should wear whatever style of swimwear you enjoy wearing. If you choose to wear a Speedo make sure you enjoy yourself. If you decide to wear the tiniest micro bikini you should wear it proudly. If someone mistakes you as straight and you are gay oh well and that goes for the other way around too. I wear the most extreme styles of swimwear to the beach and I always wear a Speedo or a bikini to the gym. I wear them because I like how they look on me, I like how they feel and I like the way they make me feel. So I say yes Speedos make you look gay, they make you look straight, they make you look bisexual and they can even make you look transgender, obviously I am not being serious because it is such a silly question. It would be wonderful if no one on this planet ever thought about things like this. I say live and let live. If I choose to wear a men’s Speedo and I believe they are the most masculine swimsuit style around. Can you ever look more like a man other than if you were nude which is unfortunately not allowed on most beaches. 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Can a penis be too small to wear mens Speedos?

I thought I was the only guy who thought about if a penis could be too small to be seen in public wearing mens Speedos. One reason I think about that is because my penis tends to be less than one inch flaccid and I wear mens Speedos to work out in slimming laps and even running on the beach. I never really gave much thought to it but one day I overheard a couple girls talking about me by the pool. They were commenting on how small my penis must be because they could barely see a bulge. Needless to say they were right and I knew it but it still bothered me that they were talking about it. All of a sudden a felt self-conscious  about wearing Speedos and people being able to tell how small my penis is. I went to a number of men’s Speedo web sites and blogs and posted questions about having a small penis and is it possible to be too small to be seen wearing Speedos. I could not believe the response. Most of the guys and girls that answered said that I should not be worried at all about being too small. Most people into seeing men in Speedos are into seeing any size bulge large or in my case extremely small. I had one girls say that it was totally insensitive that the girls said anything like. I was surprised to see how many men and women said they were turned on by small cocks and that a man should be proud of his package no matter what size it is. I enjoyed all the positive feedback and realized I had nothing to prove and that if I enjoyed wearing Speedos which I do I should just be myself and get out there and have fun. The long and short of it is there is no such thing as a penis being too small to be seen in men's Speedos or any other sexy skin tight men's swimwear.

Friday, November 7, 2014

I want to wear mens Speedos!

I want to start wearing mens Speedos because I love the way they look on male swimmers. I am very fit but my problem is that I have never used any type of swimsuit other than baggy shorts. I am not sure where to start. Looking at the guys who do wear mens Speedos I would guess my starting point would be to shave my body. I have never done anything like that either but I am thinking about asking my girlfriend to do it. I wonder what it will be like to be hair free. What will I look like? The last time there was no hair on my body I was just a young teenager. My girlfriend loves to look hair free and completely shaves her vagina, I wonder if she will end up shaving everything off of me? It seems like the swimmers wearing Speedos must shave it all off to have the least amount of drag on their bodies. Between wearing a skin tight Speedo and having a hair free body I am just a little reluctant but excited to give it a try for the first time. I have read a lot of stories on this blog and on the Mens Swimwear Blog. It seems like many men who start off wearing Speedos graduate to wearing bikinis and even tiny thongs and G-strings. I am not sure about wearing Speedos yet and I wonder how I would feel about wearing something so blatantly sexy and revealing. In some respects it feels like it will be very exciting. I wonder if my girlfriend will like seeing me wearing a Speedo. I have noticed her saying positive things in the past when she sees hot guys in Speedos and bikinis at the beach so my guess is she will be into it. I am going to make the switch but I wonder if my friends both girls and guys will have anything to say about it. I know I should not care but I think it is human nature to care about what others think about how you look and what you wear. This weekend I will go out and buy a couple pairs of Speedos. I am not even sure if I can try them on in the stores but if I can I will. I have no idea what size to get or even how they will feel once I put on a pair. Spandex is an erotic fabric. I love seeing girls wearing everything spandex which gets me even more excited about trying it myself. My next post on this mens speedos blog should be about how buying Speedos and wearing them in public for the first time went!