Sunday, August 24, 2014

Mens Speedos and the choice of showing shaft or head.

How you have your penis set up while wearing mens Speedos has a number of factors that need to be considered. If you have a smaller penis like I do your options are limited where as men with larger cocks have more options on how they choose to have their penis displayed while wearing mens Speedos. Speedos are a wonderful choice for sports. They are perfect for speed in the pool and just hanging out but they are not all that great if you are trying to show off some cock to the other guys or girls. Speedo swimsuits tend to flatten out the penis and if you are small they tend to make you look extra small. In some cases almost feminine small! Having a small penis I tend to wear Speedos just a my gyms pool and I keep the penis standing forward. It is small enough that the Speedo suit pushes the balls down and the shaft directly in pretty much just showing the penis head against the fabric. This works well for me because people that see me in my swimsuit can’t tell my cock size. They might guess it is small because they cannot see much but with only the hear showing through the fabric I could be almost any size. Even though my shaft is both small and on the narrow side my head is well defined and shows through the fabric nicely. For men with larger cocks they can still show it this way but have the options of folding the shaft down so the size of the shaft can partially be seen. People can tell you are at least not too small this way but if you want to look your largest you can wear mens Speedos with you shaft to one side or another. If you are either well hung or can stay hard all the time people can see your real size and the outline of the shaft shows very well through the fabric. Seeing a guy with a nice large thick shaft wearing Speedo with is cock held to the side is breathtaking. There is not a man or woman that will not at the very least take a peek.  On the rare occasion I wear my cock to the side I use a cock ring to keep it hard and firm. It might only be 4” hard but someone looking at it in a Speedo cannot assume you are erect and often will think I have a nice sized shaft. You don’t need to share all your secrets! 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Mens Speedos versus men’s bikinis. What is your favorite style?

Mens Speedos versus men’s bikinis. What is your favorite style?
There are guys who are into wearing mens Speedos, guys who love bikinis and then there are the boys who just love sexy swimwear of any style. I fall into the latter category. I just love mens Speedos, bikinis, thongs and even G-strings. I was very young maybe twelve when I started wearing bikinis. We were on a trip to Europe with my family and friends. We were staying at a beautiful hotel on Germany. My mom had forgotten to pack my swimsuit so along with her and her friend Ann her daughter Cindy who was a couple of years older than me we went out shopping for one. Cindy was a couple years older than me extremely good looking and I had a huge crush on her. Once at the department store we found that all the swimsuits for men were bikinis of different sizes and even some thongs. I wanted a pair of shorts because that is all I ever had used except for the men’s Speedos I would wear for swim team. The sale person at the store said no one used swimsuits shaped like shorts and that all the men used bikinis. My mom said just get one. No way I said until Cindy said I’ll bet you would look cute in this one and handed me a tiny black bikini. Try it on my mom said. Cindy handed me the bikini and I went to the dressing run to try it on. There were so many men standing around the dressing room changing in the open I just waited a few minutes and then came out saying it fit fine, I never even tried it on. We got back to the hotel and the rest of my family was hanging out around the pool. Cindy said go put your swimsuit on and I will meet you down there. I could not wait to see her in a bikini she was perfect. Once back in my room I slipped of my shorts and slipped on the bikini. Oh my god it was so small! It fit great but it was smaller than what the girls wear back home. Guess I was lucky to barely have any hair on my body but in the mirror I looked more like a girl than a boy. Shit I will just put my shorts on over them and not take them off I said to myself.

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Continued from last mens Speedos posting

Humm how are we going to get rid of these hard-on’s before we put on our suits he said with a sly smile. I think I mumbled a few incoherent words and he just laughed and said don’t sweat it. Before I knew what was going on he was on his knees in front of me sucking my cock. I had only had a couple of blow jobs in my life all from older girls but I had never felt anything like this. It only lasted a couple of minutes and I spilled a load in his mouth. He sucked it all down and then spit it out in the shower. How was that he said still standing there with a total erection, It felt great but I’m not gay. Neither am I he said or are most of the guys on the team but we take care of each other. I had no idea this was very common on men’s swim teams. He was staring at me and gently nudging me to do him. I have never done that before. Don’t worry you are a guy and you know what feels good, just make sure to spit it out when I cum. I started sucking his cock and though his was half again bigger than mine it was no big deal. I tasted nice and clean. As with everything I do I tried to do this the best I could and after a few minutes he started moaning and I felt his hot cum shot to the back of my mouth slipping down my throat  before I could spit it out. It tasted funny and he laughed and said you were supposed to spit it out! He came so fast I did not have time. After all that he introduced himself. His name was Tim, he was a couple years older than me and the captain of the swim team. I’m David I said and we bumped fists. We sucked each others cocks before I even knew his name. Tim said in the future make sure you do it when no one is around and never swallow. I asked why and he said the other guys might think you are gay if you swallow. That makes no sense now but it seemed to make sense at the time. We both slipped on our mens Speedos and went out to the pool. I met all the guys on the team and Tim introduced me like we had been friends for years. We are still friends today. Tim is married and we never talk about those days on the swim team at least not yet. I do know we both sucked many other guys cocks, had our cocks sucked often and at sleep-over’s he and I not only sucked cock but learned a lot about fucking using each other for practice. It was very innocent and it is a part of my life I enjoy looking back on. The guys on the swim team had so much sex it was ridicules. Guys or girls we were always busy. The girls loved seeing us wearing mens Speedos I’m sure as much as we liked seeing the girls wearing little bikini.  The guys looked very sexy to in their tiny little Speedos. I wonder if the guys on the football team were as crazy as we were. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mens Speedos and sex on the swim team

Most guys on the swim team are known as hounds when it comes to the girls. Let’s face it we wear sexy mens Speedos all day long, shave all the hair off our bodies and all the guys all have very tight bodies. The one thing you might not hear much about I how much sex guys on the men’s swim team have with each other. Like any sports there are young men on the team that are gay but that is not what this blog post is about. You might be shocked by how much sex the straight guys have with each other. This is a well known but a widely hidden fact. I found out about it first hand when I joined my high school swim team a few years back. Many of you have heard how often teenage girls experiment with sex with other girls. It is completely normal to be inquisitive and interested in these things. The same goes for teen boys but it is not talked about has much. I remember being in the locker being room and taking a shower before our first team practice. I was shaving everything off and another guy on the team walked in to take a shower and asked if I needed any help with the rear. I had a little hair on my back and thought the help would be great so I said sure. I had already shaved everything off my legs, arms, chest and entire pubic area. You have done a great job so far and took the razor from me. It only took him a second to get the little bit of hair off my back. Do you want it all off he said. Sure I said thinking that he was talking about my back. Before I knew it he had my ass cheeks spread open and was shaving the little bit of hair down there. I was shocked but did not say a word because he had a razor inside my ass. I stood still as he did it. He checked with his fingers to make sure all the hair was off. Nice and smooth he said. Still not saying a word I felt my cock getting very hard. He looked at my hard cock and said I know it feels great having your ass shaved. You look perfect almost like a little girl you are so cleanly shave. My cock was not getting any softer and I noticed he now had a total erection too.

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mens Speedos and big balls

Having big balls is fantastic when you are wearing mens Speedos. You can have the tiniest little shaft and if your balls are big your pouch will always look great. Since Speedos tend to be on the flat side not showing much of a bulge so the bulge you do show looks great with big balls. There are a number of reasons big balls do make one of the best looking mens Speedos bulge.  Yes having big balls and a big shaft is perfection and wonderful in its own right but not many men have both. If you are one of those guys with both a small penis and small balls don’t despair there are secrets we can give you to make your bulge look much bigger, much much bigger! My shaft starts out very small just over 1.5” soft and when I am in the water there are times it is almost none existent almost like an a little turtle with its head pulled into the shell. My balls get smaller in cold water but they are always large enough to provide a nice smooth round bulge. I keep my pubic area completely free of hair like most swimmers and this to help’s to give a nice looking bulge. If your penis and balls are very small I would recommend buying a metal cock ring either stainless steel or machined aluminum, the ones made in the USA are the safest bet. I like the ones at Koala’s Cock Ring Corner. The cock ring will force your shaft and balls out and even if they are super small the bulge the create with mens Speedos is nothing short of amazing. I have had friends do this guys that looked like they had a kid’s penis but with the cock ring they had the confidence to wear their Speedos to the beach and even to public pools. In case you are worried about it no one can see or tell that you are wearing a cock ring. If you have a nice size penis to begin with and you use a cock ring your bulge will be off the charts!

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Mens Speedos Party final post

I thought about what Tracy said. Greg did look hot as did most of the other guys wearing mens Speedos but Greg’s cock was so much bigger than I had ever imagined and for the first time in my life I was interested in seeing it and maybe even playing with it if he would let me and my wife would be OK with it. Tracy looked like she could tell what I was thinking and whispered in my ear I know he would let you suck it and maybe more. I blushed and said what are you talking about? She just smiled and said ask him. I found my wife in the pool surrounded by a couple guys. Obviously she was enjoying our mens Speedos party as much as I was. One of the guys looked like he had his hand between her legs and I could not see her hands. We are very open and it did not bother me at all in fact I find it a turn on. I also thought maybe I will have some fun with Greg and tell her about it later. I walked over to Greg who was talking to a couple girls his cock still looked big and he was sporting quite a Speedo bulge. The girls seemed to be trying to check it out without being caught. I looked over at him and made eye contact than walked into the other room. I minute later he was in there. What’s up he said and I said by the looks of it your cock is still up! He just chucked and came close to me. This is something I have never done before but when you had me pinned down I was so excited. I was too he said as he pushed me down on my knees, peeled off his Speedo and pulled out he large completely shaved cock. It just seemed so natural as I put it in my mouth and started doing what I know would feel good to me.  Greg was moaning away and I stopped for a second and said try not to be so loud. It feels so good he said. I got back to it and did not even notice the door open and close with Tracy now standing right next to me. A second later she was on her knees sharing Greg’s large cock with me and we were making out too. While she was sucking he started to orgasm and she said this is for you and shoved his cock in my mouth just as he let a huge load go. It filled my mouth with hot goo and I figured if I have gone this far I might as well go all the way. I swallowed it all down and found the taste interesting. Tracy took his cock and squeezed out what was left and let it drop into her mouth. Yummy she said. Tracy than pulled my Speedos off and started sucking my cock, Greg joined in and a second later she was eating my cock and he was eating my hole forcing his tongue deep inside of me. I blew my load in Tracy’s mouth and she sucked it all down. At that moment I knew at some point I would have to let Greg fuck me in the ass with Tracy there helping me. I wanted her to be there for my first anal sex encounter. We talked about it later and they were both very interested. The mens Speedos party was a huge success and my sexual boundaries had been changed forever. I told my wife what happened and she was un-happy that she did not get to watch. She told me that I could have anal sex with Greg and Tracy but she wants to join in too.

Does it get any better than that?

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Mens Speedos Party Continued!

Tracy had the party set up for Saturday night at our house. I talked to some of my buddies who just did not want to wear mens Speedos but after a little chat none of them seemed stupid enough to miss what was going to be a great party. The night of the party we had a great spread of food and drinks and sure enough everyone showed. I was amazed to see all these guys wearing Mens Speedos and I was happy to see that their wives made sure they were all properly shaved with no pubic hair coming out of the suits. As it turned out most of them just shaved it all off.
I hate to brag but my suit without the liner looked great and when Tracy saw me she managed to get me in a corner just to grab a feel. She rubbed the suit until I was completely hard. That looks so much better she said and walked away.  I also have to say the other guys all looked great in their Speedos. I was surprised to see how big some of their cocks were.  The girls wanted us to do some Speedo wrestling which we were happy to do but I was also surprised by how turned on I got with some of those big cocks rubbing up against me. One guy was trying to pin me down when he reached around to grab my leg and was compressing his arm around my cock. I again was hard as a rock and when he felt that he pivoted around and held me down with his cock on my face. Everyone thought it was so funny but he was extremely erect too. Tracy being Tracy walked over and declared him the winner and asked me how I liked that big cock in my mouth. I said it was on my mouth not in it and she said it looked like both of you would have liked in your mouth! Humm maybe she was right, we were both very excited.

Continued in a future post

No models today just me and you can see what I mean when I say my cock is on the small side.