Monday, September 29, 2014

Do women like to see men’s Speedos?

Men’s Speedos seem to have a polarizing effect on many people. Men who are into men will almost always like to see guys in men’s Speedos and most women will say if the man has a nice body they would like to see him wearing a Speedo. Much of the men’s Speedo debate has to do with where you are at. In Europe men and women expect to see guys wearing Speedos it is the common swimsuit to be seen in and let’s face it when it comes to efficiency in the water there are very few men’s swimwear designs that can hang with a Speedo. Speedos in the USA are also about location. Speedos are much more popular on the East coast versus the West Coast. Many east Coast kids start off wearing Speedos where on the West Coast most kids start off wearing board shorts and surf shorts. Speedos are very popular for sports all over and ask any woman what she would like to see a competitive swimmer wearing 99% of the time she would say a Speedo. Men’s Speedos are very sexy, they show off a lot of skin and they show off the shape of your body. Very few people think that women’s Speedos are sexy but Speedos for men tend to be classified as men’s bikinis. A bikini is a provocative design for a man to wear even though worldwide including the USA bikinis for men are becoming much more popular and are even considered mainstream swimwear for men including the sexy micro bikinis that are truly tiny.

If you look online and check out the polls asking women if they like seeing men in Speedos it is all over the place ask any woman who works out and takes care of herself what type of swimsuit she would like to see a guy with a nice body wearing it will always be a Speedo. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Men’s Speedos and my new beach friend

Saturday morning I was with my girlfriend when I received a text from Tracy saying she was going to be down at the beach around lunch times and asking if I would be there. I asked my girlfriend if she wanted to go and she said no she wanted to go shopping I told her I was going to head down to the beach and sent a text to Tracy letting her know I would meet her down there. I went to me swimwear drawer and pulled out an even smaller thong. I am on the small size down there and wanted to make sure she could see it. I pulled out one of my mens Speedos to use as a cover up threw on some sandals and headed out to the car. The truth is I like the shock value of wearing mens Speedos in front of my neighbors. The lady next door always tells me I am looking good which is great for my ego. I wonder what she would think if she saw me in my tiny thong?  The second I got down to the beach and had to search for parking I knew it was going to be a busy day but I was lucky and found a spot close to the beach. I grabbed my stuff and walked down to the water immediately spotting Tracy lying out in a thong. I came up and said hello she was on her tummy when she looked saw me and got up to give e a big hug. Her top was untied and she did not even bother to tie it. She got up and proudly showed me and everyone else around us her beautiful breasts.  Her arms wrapped around me like I was a life-long friend.  Wearing mens speedos has it downsides in some situations and this was one because the second she got up I got a total erection. Just about any man would but it came on so fast I could barely register it. With a little friendly sarcasm she said it looks like you are happy to see me. Giving a little of the same back I said obviously all the time I was hoping that my cock was still in the thong when I pulled off the my Speedo. As it turns out it was but just barely. She looked at my tiny thong and said very nice.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Mens Speedos and my new beach friend Part two

It was so hot out I needed to take a dip in the water. The beach was packed and I was starting to feel shy about walking down to the water only wearing a thong. I had the pair of mens speedos with me and was thinking about slipping them on when the girl next to me looked over and smiled said hello got up and walked over to the water. She was amazing. Beautiful face and an amazing body I wondered if she could possibly be as nice as she looks. I already liked her because of her confidence. Her thong was as small as mine and you could see that even on a busy beach she was completely at ease with herself. I knew that I had to try to be the same and headed over to the water wearing just my tiny thong. She was just wading in the water and as I was walking over a guy sitting with his friends whistled at me like I was a girl. The girl by the water who I was just about to introduce myself to turned as they whistled. As I got down there she looked over at me and said I think that was for you. Her next words were some guys are just such assholes. She introduced herself as Tracy. Nice to meet you I’m Michael. I than said maybe I should have slipped on my Speedo. Why she asked, don’t let those guys bother you, you look great in your bathing suit. That put a smile on my face and we stood there for a while just talking and learning a little about each other. Tracy lived just a few blocks from the beach which I thought was awesome. She loved body surfing as did I and she told me she would be sun bathing nude if it was legal. You are a female version of me but just really pretty I said. Michael I think you are pretty too.  The waves were too small to bodysurf so we walked back over to our towels past the guys who must have been amazed by how hot Tracy was. She intentionally walked with her side touching mine just to show them what they were missing. Would it be all right if I sat next to you? I would love the company I said. We spent the rest of the day talking, tanning and enjoying each other’s company. Wow it’s getting late I said and I need to get going the traffic is going to be crazy. It was such a pleasure meeting you Tracy as I slipped my mens Speedos back on and started to pack up. Are you coming back anytime soon she asked. I think I will be back on Saturday I said. Let me have you number and I will text you if I can make it she said. That would be great and we exchanged phone numbers. As I was leaving she got up hugged me and gave me a little peck on the cheek. She was as nice as she looked.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mens Speedos and my new beach friend

Mens Speedos are the largest sized suits I will wear to the beach. I am done with baggy shorts and often I will even wear micro bikinis and thongs.  Some of the thong’s I wear are so small I use mens Speedos as  a cover up.  I have great collection of men’sswimwear and as you might guess it is a hobby for me or maybe you might call it a fetish either way it is easy to tell I am into it.  The other day I decided I would wear a thong to the beach and I used my Speedo as a cover up. This way on the walk from my car to the beach I was not so exposed.  When I got down to the water I could not believe how many people were there. I was having second thoughts about wearing something as small as a thong since there were no other guys near me in anything larger than a bikini. There were a few girls wearing thongs and I thought that if they can do it so could I. It is funny how much fabric mens Speedos have compared to a thong. When slipping off my Speedo to expose my thong I almost feel nude.  I just spread out my towel and enjoyed the sun baking on my completely exposed rear. It felt great and I think it looked sexy. I always hear guys walking by close to me saying to their friends that I thought that was a girl. I think that is a huge compliment when a man looks at your ass and thinks you are a girl! I must have dozed off because when I looked around there were so many more people. I check my phone and I had been sleeping for about an hour. Off to the side just a few feet away was a girl lying out also wearing a thong. She looked topless but when my eyes focused she was just laying there with her top untied so she would not get a line on her back. The beach was getting busy but she could have set up a little further away if she wanted. I figured she felt more comfortable being next to someone else in the same state nudity.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Is there such a thing as mens Speedos in a thong design?

I have received many e-mails over the last year asking me if there are mens Speedos in thong designs. The answer is that Speedo did offer thong style suits in the US market a number of years ago but it is no longer available here. It might be available in other markets. I think they introduced a thong style to the US market too early and that if it was available today it would be much more popular. I actually owned a few pairs of them that I bought at a Speedo store they had in the mall near me in Los Angeles. The store featured mostly women’s Speedos and the mens speedos made up just a tiny portion of the store. Back when I bought my Speedo thongs they were prominently displayed but my guess is they were not very good sellers. I remember asking the girl that worked in the store if many guys order them and she said it was mostly women buying them for their boyfriends and husbands but not many guys coming into the store to try them on. They look nice I said. She told me they fit great and I should try it on. She said these are very popular in Europe and I went ahead and tried them on. I have always felt kind of funny trying on swimwear in stores because there is no other way to do it than to strip nude and try them. This store had tiny little dressing rooms and all the other customers were women. I felt a little out of place and intimidated. I gathered up my courage shed my clothing and tried on the thong. Just as I was thinking it looked a little large in the waist and in the pouch the sales girl asked me if it fit. I think it is a little too big. Let me see what it looks like on you she said. I was very tan and completely shaved but still a little nervous walking out in a mall store wearing a thong. I thought how cool it would be to have a Speedo thong and I really did want it to fit right so I walked out of the room to show her and into a store that now must have had about six women now shopping. If any of you remember the Speedo stores in the mall they were very small and everyone was literally right on top of me while I was standing there virtually nude. If my penis was small when I was trying the suit on it was absolutely micro standing out there. The sales girl looked at me and said I think you need a 30 it will fit better in the front and in the waist. All of the women were looking at me my ass completely exposed I felt like dying. In a minute she brought me back one in size 30 and said to try it on. I went in and slid them on. It was perfect. The pouch was full even with my than very tiny cock and it fit perfect in the waist. How does that one fit she asked. Perfect I said. Great let’s see it she said. I said it was perfect not wanting to go out again when one of the ladies shopping said yeah let’s see it! It was almost like an order so I walked out. Again everyone was looking at me and the sales girl said that fits you great. The lady who ordered me out was in her mid forties and staring at me with a huge grin said no it fits perfect. All the girls in the store started to giggle and I am pretty sure I started to blush. I went back to change went over to the rack and grabbed a blue and a red. Even all dressed the women were still staring at me. I felt like a piece of meat which was a lot of fun!

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Mens Speedos and swimming nude in gym class.

I have read about gym classes in the 50’s through the 70’s mostly in the mid-west in middle-school making the boys swim nude but not the girls though the classes were not mixed. I have read much about nude swimming in schools in the UK that had mixed classes of boys and girls with only the girls wearing a swimsuit. It is funny how things have changed so much. When I was in school the boys all had to shower nude in large areas with no privacy. We had to wear mens Speedos which wear very small compared to the shorts we were wearing back then. I remember how the girls used to make fun of us because we were wearing bikinis. If wearing mens swimwear was so traumatic to some of the boys could you imagine how bad it would have been to be forced to go swimming nude at that age. It would never happen here with all the regulations and so on. Kids do not even take showers any longer in most middle and high schools because of potential liabilities. I belong to a swim club that meets over at our local collage and all the guys wear mens Speedos including the college students in fact some of the younger guys wear bikinis that are much smaller than Speedos. I have been working out hard because I want to be in shape to wear these hot tiny swimsuits. Funny how things change and now we wish we could wear as little as possible when swimming. I would love it if they forced the men to go nude. I would be first in line and it is not because I have much to show, I do not but I would love the freedom to swim nude in the pool and I could not care less who is looking. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Mens Speedos, bikinis, thongs and G-strings

Mens Speedos have been considered sexy swimwear for years. If you talk to people now about swimwear designs most people now think of mens Speedos as sports attire and designs like bikinis, thongs and G-strings have eclipsed Speedos has what people now think of as sexy swimwear. There is a need for all of them. Mens Speedos are the perfect swimsuits for doing laps and playing sports on the beach. Many men now feel that a Speedo has to much coverage for the tape of tan they are looking for. It is hard to argue how sexy a tan line is from wearing a bikini, thong or G-string they just look so fantastic on a man’s body. Many men have switched from wearing Speedos for their runs on the beach to bikinis. Having the smaller waist cut and with a man’s string bikini virtually no waist band gives excellent freedom of motion.  Bikinis style for men have been very popular this summer along with micro shorts that cover very little but allow men who are not quite ready to wear a bikini, thong or even a Speedo to wear something hot, sexy and stylish. Visit any beach in Los Angeles or Miami on a busy weekend and you will see more men in these new fashionable style than ones wearing surf or board shorts. Boring swimwear is being replaced by sexy swimwear for men and man have just as many options as women do. This is a new and major change is men’s swimsuit design. Speedos have always been popular along with bikinis in Europe but it is a much newer trend to see sexy swimwear readily available for men. The fact is now the most over the top extreme men’sswimwear designs are virtually all made in the USA. There are amazing styles coming out of America and being shipped throughout the world. The boundaries are changing as men opt to wear swimsuits as small or smaller than what their wives and girlfriends are wearing.