Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mens Speedos Party

My wife and her friends thought it would be a fun idea to have a mens Speedos pool party. I understand where she is coming from because all our parties feature the girls trying to out-do one another wearing sexy bikinis, thongs, G-strings and after a few drinks going topless or completely nude all the time the guys are wearing huge dork shorts myself included.  When I go to the beach with my wife I often wear bikinis and thongs because I like the way my tan looks and she prefers me to wear skimpy.  Our pool parties are another thing because most of the guys as far as I know would never wear a sexy men’s swimsuit.  So it was funny that my wife’s friend Tracy came up with the idea. Tracy is extremely good looking with an amazing body and she is one of the usual suspects that will end up completely nude after a few drinks. As far as I know none of our group is swingers but that does not stop us from playing a little with the girls in the pool. My favorite think is when the girls start in with each other kissing and playing with each other’s tits just to drive the guys crazy. It works every time.  Tracy’s idea was that all the girls buy their husbands and boyfriends mens Speedos and if they will not wear it they don’t get to come to the party. It was an easy choice even though most of the guys did not want to wear a Speedo none of us wanted to miss the party. My wife bought me a nice red Speedo and when I got home she told me to try it on. It had the narrowest sides of any Speedo I had seen but I would have rather just used one of my bikinis. She said no way it is a Speedo party. I slide it on and like most Speedos it made my penis look super small. It fits you great but let me have it for a minute. I slipped it off and she took it into the other room and brought it back about ten minutes later now without a liner. Try it on now. The fit was so much better and you could see the complete shape of my cock right through the thin spandex.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mens Speedos are fountain of youth

Have you ever noticed that guys wearing mens Speedos almost always look younger and healthier than men their same age. I am guessing part of it is guys wearing mens Speedos want to stay in the best shape possible and often care more about the way they look. Wearing a Speedo in public means not wearing very much. Almost everything shows and often wearing a Speedo is just the first step to wearing bikinis, thongs and even smaller swimsuits. I wonder if more men started wearing Speedos if you would end up seeing more guys working out harder than ever to look good enough to be seen in them. Personally I like the way all men look in Speedos but the fact is if you are trying to land a hot girl or guy you will want to look your best and eating a little less and working out a little harder almost always does great things for your body. Looking for the fountain of youth? You might just try slipping on a Speedo, bikini or thong and willing yourself to look your best. Being healthy and being confident and proud of your body go hand in hand. Confidence does make a man more handsome . Being fit builds your confidence along with your health. Many of my friends ask me if they have to shave their bodies and look like swimmers to wear a Speedo? No I tell them but is there anything wrong with looking like a hot sexy swimmer? I shave it all off because I like the way it looks and my girlfriend enjoys that clean smooth look. She says that body shaving makes guys look younger and when you think about that it makes sense. Men do look younger without body hair and slip a Speedo on that guy and you have a great looking package. Maybe that man can be you. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Mens Speedos and dancing on the boat

We were out the other day on a party cruise outside of Los Angeles harbor. It was sunny, breezy and just about perfect out. There were lots of guys and girls getting drunk and dancing to the blaring music.  I had a couple of friends with me and we all decided to wear mens Speedos under our shorts. With all these guys fighting for the hottest girls we though wearing a pair of skin tight sexy mens Speedos would make us stand out and as it turns out we did far better than just standing out. After downing a few drinks and getting rid of our general nervousness about wearing Speedos while everyone else was wearing shorts we were ready to go. The girls all had on tiny bikinis, thongs and even a few G-strings. Some had even got rid of their tops, a very good sing and a solid indication more fun was on its way. We stripped of our shorts and through them to the side. The girls started howling and they were treating all three of us like strippers. We were swarmed by girls just completely grinding on us trying to see how hard they could get us. One guy walked by me and said you guys looked like you might have been gay wearing Speedos but now it looks like you were ingenious. We had our pick of girls. After comparing notes we all had similar experiences. The more drinks the girls had the more their hands were grabbing our cocks, Right on the dance floor a girl pulled out my cock and sucked it. I was so drunk I could hardly care that hundreds of other people were watching. This happened to me a few times, something like that had never happened. My friend said two girls were sucking on his cock at once and the third said a girl pulled off his Speedos and they ended up having sex on a lounge chair off the side of the dance floor but in front of everyone. We each had a number of guys talking to us afterwards saying how amazing our little men’s Speedo plan was. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Mens Speedos revolution

I was swimming laps at the park pool this afternoon and I noticed that there must have been a mens Speedos revolution going on. This was my first time at the pool this summer and I just could not believe how many guys were wearing mens Speedos. Last year most of the guys had on shorts and I had even stopped wearing Speedos because so few guys were wearing them. I have no idea what changed this season but from now on the largest swimsuit I will wear is a Speedo and I believe I can get away with wearing a Brazilian style bikini because so many of the women were wearing those. It seems to be a revolutionary swimwear change going on.  I love the way men and women look wearing skin tight form fitting swimwear. It makes their bodies look better, it is much more attractive to see and it makes so much sense to swim in these style rather than loose fitting silly long swimsuits.  I also like all the new ads I have been seeing from the razor blade companies promoting body shaving. Most swimmers like me have no body hair and I love that look. I make it easy on myself and instead of trying to trim I just shave it all off, legs, arms, chest and every last bit of pubic hair. I love the streamline look and feel. It seems to me men’s body shaving is starting to take off. This is another trend  that men are following from women. A number of years back as swimwear got smaller girls were shaving off more and more pubic hair until it got to the point that the swimsuits were so small that most girls decided to take it all off. I have dated many girls over the past few years after my divorce and I can’t remember one that had any pubic hair what so ever. So of my buddies say they like hair down there but most guys I know are like me and they prefer the clean shaved look and feel. Walk into any men’s locker room and you will see that trend is happening with men. You never saw a guy without pubic hair a few years ago and now half the guys in the locker room are clean shaved down there. This is another trend I hope expands because I love the look and it is perfect for all the wild new wild swimsuit designs for men.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mens Speedos and penis size

I always wanted to wear mens Speedos but I thought my penis was just too small to be seen wearing one. There is something about mens Speedos that make them look so good, so sexy and I find them very arousing. I love seeing other guys wearing mens Speedos. My boyfriend Ray tells men that I am being silly and that no one cares about the size of my penis. One day Ray said stop talking about mens Speedos unless you are willing to wear one. I would wear one if you would he said and we decided to go shopping for Speedo bikinis. We found matching Blue Speedos and went into the dressing room to try them on. Rays penis is about three times as large as mine. I looked at his beautiful bulge and said how can I wear this on the beach I look like a little girl.  You have a beautiful body and your little cock bulge looks yummy as he walked a grabbed my little bulge. Between the skin tight spandex and his hand on my pouch I got an instant erection. With Ray’s encouragement I ended up wearing my new Speedo to the beach and even though my penis is less than one inch flaccid no one gave it a second look though other guys did try picking up on me. Ray had no problem with that because it was building my confidence. I was now able to play volleyball with other guys and girls wearing just a Speedo. As it turns out many guys, even guys with much larger penises look fairly small wearing Speedos. I just start off being small and because of the way that these designs tend to flatten you out unless your cock is large and thick like Ray’s you are not going to fill much of it. I have also decided to order even smaller bikinis and thongs and I am planning to wear those out on the beach too. Talk about going from being too shy to becoming a real exhibitionist.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Everyone had on Mens Speedos except me.

I remember the first time I went to swim class in high school. We had moved from California to Florida. It was a new school, new people to meet and as I found out a new culture. When I got to gym class I changed into my usual surf shorts and when I got down to the pool I noticed all the guys were wearing mens Speedos all in red. The girls were wearing one piece Speedos too. At that time I had no idea how much of a swimwear and Speedo fetish I had, the only thing I knew is I did not have one and I had never even tried on a Speedo bikini. Mens Speedos where just not as common in Los Angeles. The gym teacher was cool and told me I could swim in my shorts today but I would need to buy a red Speedo for the next class. He also told me I could get the school Speedo at the student store. After class I went over to the student store but they were all out of mens Speedos in my size and that I could get one the sporting goods store. After school I told my mom I needed a pair and where to go but she decided to take me to the nicer department store. We got there and they did not have any Speedos but after telling the sales girl what I needed show found me a red swimsuit in my size. It looked like a Speedo but it was another brand. It actually looked smaller. She said men wear these for lap swimming. They are were a European brand and as it turned out they were a smaller men’s bikini much more narrow on the side. The sales girl and my mom told me to try it on. I went in the dressing room and slipped of my clothes and slipped on what turned out to be a very small bikini. It looked like a girl’s swimsuit to me and for some reason my penis started getting hard. Back than if a girl passed close to me I would get an erection.  Just that second I heard my mom telling me to show her how it fit. It fits fine I said but she demanded I come out and show her. I did and she looked me over, I could see the sales girl looking over with a big smile on her face, she was only a few years older than me. It fits fine my mom said. I said it looks like a girl’s suit but the sales girl said it looked great. That was my first real bikini. I thought it would be a problem in class but no one said a thing except for a few girls who said they liked it better than the Speedos, most likely because it showed so much more skin and you could clearly see my bulge. The guys in my old school might have had some despairing things to say because the suit was very feminine. Later I realized these types of swimsuit were very popular at the beaches in Miami and that the people in my class must have grown up with me wear these sexy little swimsuits. I now wear nothing larger than a bikini and often much smaller suits. I was in Los Angeles for a week visiting friends and we went to the beach. As it turns out bikinis for men are much more popular there too.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Were there ever Mens Speedos thongs?

The answer is yes thought that answer will surprise many who wear mens Speedos.  I am not sure if mens Speedos thongs are still offered in other parts of the world, Asia, Europe and South America wear men’s thongs are very popular but they are no longer available in the USA. I owned a couple mens Speedo thongs that I actually bought at the store in Los Angeles years ago. I think that that stop offering them for a couple reasons. Thongs are a very popular style of men’s swimwear throughout the world and that includes the USA. There are many hot thong styles you will see at the beach and around the pool but the Speedo Thong was not one of them. It seemed like they were trying to make a racing style swimsuit with a thong rear.  Most of the hot thong designs show a sexy bulge shape but mens speedos are known for hiding the bulge, making the bulge look smaller in fact when it comes Speedo bulges the only way to show off the penis is by wearing it sideways. By doing that everyone can see the exact size. Not great for most normal to small sized men and even guys with bigger cocks have issues showing it sideways in case that get erect in public. The nebs Speedos thongs were just not very exciting to wear or be seen in. They really did fit like a standard Speedo in front but to their credit they did show a fully exposed rear. I did use my Speedo thong for swimming at the gym until they decided no thongs for men and women one of the lamest rules ever. The other thing is I don’t think Speedo out their heart into selling them and in fact I was amazed they ever offered them in our market in the first place. The best part of the Speedo thong experience was going into their stores when they had stores and buying it. They only had girls working there and both times I went into their store to buy one the girl would insist that I try it on. No returns they said so let’s just make sure they fit. They would always want to see the suit on me. I had a G-string tan from my regular beach suit and that would get the girls asking questions. Girls like see men with nice bodies wearing tiny little swimsuits just as much as we enjoy seeing the girls wearing hot little bikinis, thongs and G-strings.