Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mens Speedos versus Men’s Bikinis

There is an ongoing argument with many people as to whether mens Speedos are bikinis. It does not help that Speedo lists mens Speedos in their ads in different ways. Most of the time they are referred as briefs and that is what I have always called them but in some of their advertisements they are called Speedo bikinis or just bikinis. I believe in the early days Speedo wanted to call them briefs because bikinis were more generally used by women. Today bikini style men’s swimwear is very popular and now it seems that Speedo would like to switch and have their briefs for men be considered bikinis. The problem with that is bikinis are quite a bit different than Speedo Briefs. It would be fine if Speedo offered a bikini but they do not actually make one. I admit Speedo briefs are very sexy but they are just not bikinis. Bikinis have a completely different cut to them and comparing briefs to bikinis is like comparing Speedos to shorts, they are just not the same. Bikinis show much more skin, they have a much narrower waist band, they are cut higher in the leg, most offer a much more defined pouch and they cover much less in the rear. I would go as far as saying that men’s bikini swimwear designs have much more in common with women’s bikinis than they do with Speedos. Speedos still rule in competitive swimming settings though men’s bikinis are making inroads there too. When men’s Speedos were first introduced they were considered very risqué and it took a while for them to be accepted. The same thing has happened with men’s bikinis. Once considered something only European men would wear they have made real penetration into the men’s swimwear markets of North America. You now see so many men wearing bikinis at the beach and though not yet as popular as surf or board shorts they are much more popular than Speedo suits. I guess when you get down to it the less fabric you hide a man’s body with the better and any swimsuit that fits skin tight be it a bikini or a Speedo brief is a huge improvement over a pair of baggy shorts. \\

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Mens Speedos and wearing a head ring

If you are really into wearing mens Speedos to the point of it being a fetish (a good thing!) than I would guess you are to one degree or another also knowledgeable about wearing cock rings. Cock rings can do wonders for guys who are into mens Speedos. I know this from experience. Having a relatively small cock and also having huge shrinkage problems when I get out of the water there are times I look so small I could pass for a girl. That is not to say I am not into the fem look I am but most of the time wearing a Speedo you want to show at least some bulge. Speedos are notorious for flattening men out. Even good sized cocks can look fairly small under so much compression. Men who are interested in showing more meat often use a cock ring and guys like me who are small to start with and get even smaller when wet  it is almost a must if we want to be at all impressive. A new popular option is the head ring. I use a wide band stainless steel head ring that gives me added size but is also a thrill to wear. These rings are very stimulating. There are times I even wear multiple head rings one well down on the shaft near the balls and the other right behind the head. I prefer a tight fit on the shaft so even if I am flaccid it stays on and in place the down side is that a smaller size head ring can get very tight when erect. If you look on web sites that offer head rings most say to buy two sizes. One for just wearing when you expect to stay flaccid and the other about a 1/8” larger for when you are hard. Head rings are often used in conjunction with cock rings to stimulate and as cock jewelry. I love having some nice hardware on my cock displayed well in my Speedo.

Above suit features a built in cock ring and anal plug. Extreme designs by koalaswim

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Mens Speedos for older guys?

I get asked all the time if wearing mens Speedos is OK for older men. Often it seems like guys writing to me are asking permission to wear Speedos. Wearing mens Speedos should be something you enjoy to do. I have seen guys at the beach wearing Speedos in all shapes and sizes from young men to very old guys. In Europe just about all the men wear Speedos regardless of age. If you want to wear Speedos you should. The Speedo is one of the sexiest swimwear designs on the planet and without question they offer the best fit for swimming laps, playing in the surf and something many people don’t know is that many surfers wear Speedos under their wetsuits. Shorts just don’t do the job. Personally I feel that men should always do their best to try to stay fit and should always be well groomed. If you are wearing Speedos, bikinis, thongs or G-strings you should be hairless or so well trimmed that no one can see hair coming out from your swimsuit. Women do a great job of trimming, shaving and waxing but men are newer to the sexy swimwear scene and need to take lessons from the girls when it comes to grooming. Another lesson men should learn is you don’t need a perfect body to wear sexy swimwear or Speedos. I love the way women’s bodies look but let’s be realistic if only women with great bodies could wear sexy swimwear you would see very few bikinis on the beach. Variety really is the spice of life and having a negative view of your body is just not healthy.  It is almost winter time here in the USA and though I don’t get much beach or bikini time this part of the year I enjoy working out hard and wearing my Speedo to do laps in the pool. I don’t think I will ever be too old to wear a Speedo, bikini or even a thong! I love spandex swimwear and my guess is that if you are reading this blog you do too. Don’t be shy no matter how old you are. Go out buy a Speedo and join a gym. There is nothing like being turned on by wearing a skin tight swimsuit and working out. It is a great combo.

Sorry no models today just me wearing some fun swimsuits.
The blue and white suits are fem style male transformation designs.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Mens Speedos and sex at the beach

I feel sexy wearing mens Speedos. There is something about wearing a skin tight Speedo that gets very hot and bothered. My cock gets hard every time I slip on a Speedo and I have been wearing mens Speedos for years. I stopped wearing baggy shorts a long time ago. My thinking was that I worked out hard and I have a very nice body to show for it so why hide it under a pair of baggy shorts? I think there are many men that feel the same way. I consider myself bisexual, I have been married for eight years and my wife knew I enjoyed being with men on occasion when we were dating. I keep it discreet but I never hide anything from her. One of the best places to find interesting and good looking men is at the beach. When I see men wearing Speedos, bikinis, thongs and G-strings I know there is about a fifty percent chance (non scientific results from my encounters) that the man is gay or bisexual. Speedos and sexy swimsuits make it easy for me to pick up or have guys pick me up. I can’t tell you how many times I have had sex with new friends at the beach or have gone to their place after meeting them on the beach. If I see a man who makes eye contact with me and then looks at my pouch that is a telling sign. I find it easy to get hard without even touching myself because the spandex feels so nice on my cock. I get hard and walk over to talk, my smallish cock can be seen clearly through the suit because I cut out the liner. Even better is when I meet a guy after I have been in the water. My cock can be clearly seen through the fabric and often a guy that seems interested will offer to give me a blow job right on the beach. He will just lay down next to me and if it is not too crowded around us he will slide down and suck my cock. I always keep condoms with me and a few times I have let new friends fuck me right on the beach, only once were we caught by a couple of ladies who seemed more interested in watching then being shocked. Not nearly as often girls will try to pick me up. My wife draws the line on men only for screwing around. Women are a no go. I am fine with that and happy she lets me play with me. As far as wild sex with women is concerned I get plenty from her.

Me in more sexy swimwear

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Feeling Fine in Mens Speedos

There is nothing better than wearing mens Speedos while you are out on the beach for the weekend. At least I think there is nothing better than that. I have worn a lot of different kinds of swimwear in my life and, while they all have their pros, my Speedos are by far my favorite. I have even been known to wear my Speedos under my clothes while I am at work or while I am traveling for business. There is something extremely satisfying about sitting on a plane knowing that you are wearing something so sexy.
I know that there are some guys that would feel a bit strange wearing mens Speedos under their work clothes, but I really think you should give it a try anyway. It may feel a bit strange to you at first, but it won't take very long for you to get used to them. It only took me a couple of hours before I felt comfortable enough that I almost completely forgot I was wearing them. Of course, you have to be careful doing something like that, especially if you plan on taking your pants off in front of others, say, at the gym or something. Some people just don’t understand.

I love wearing my mens Speedos any chance that I get, but wearing them to the beach is the best. I like being able to show off my body and my Speedos at the same time. I do get a lot of compliments, which is probably a good thing since I wear them so often. It seems like people always want to talk to me about my Speedos and what other designs I own. Being able to share something like this with the rest of the world makes me think that mankind might just be ready to move to a higher aspect of being someday.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Mens Speedos and cock rings

I enjoy wearing mens Speedos. I think they look great on men. Most of the men at my gym wear mens Speedos to swim in and most of them have great bodies. I work out hard and my Speedo fits me like a glove. The problem I have which many of the other guys do not is my penis shrinks so small in the pool that I have heard girls laugh at me when I get out. I have no idea why I have so much shrinkage. My penis is not large to begin with but I would say it falls into the normal range. The issue is after swimming laps my penis acts like a turtle popping itself inside of me. I could almost pass for a girl with my legs shaved and virtually no pouch showing. A friend of mine said I should try wearing a cock ring. I had never tried one and I was concerned about wearing one. Would it hurt?, could I get it off?, how tight should it be? I did a little research and found I needed to get a fitted cock ring one that was sized for me like you would a ring size on your finger. The rubber ones fit so tight they could do damage to your penis if were wearing it for an hour in the pool. I ended up ordering a beautiful aluminum one from Koalaswim. They told me how to measure and explained how to wear it. It was all new to me but once it arrived I knew from what they had told me how it should be used. It fit great and when I slipped my Speedo over it my pouch looked larger than ever. They great part was that you could not see the ring through the Speedo. I order a narrow cut ring but as it turns out I could and will order some of the other size because I don’t think anyone could tell I was wearing one. The first time at the pool wearing my cock ring a did laps for about an hour and when I got out my pouch was still looking very big. The cock ring keeps the penis from becoming a little turtle and hiding. I even hung out talking to my friends something I would never do before because I was embarrassed by how small my penis looked. Now I see both men and women looking at my package and there is no longer any laughter just nice glances.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Wearing mens Speedos and having a very small penis

I have been wearing mens Speedos for years and I feel it is an advantage having a small penis when it comes to wearing swimwear like this. Mens Speedos are competitive swimsuits styled to make you as streamline as possible. The fact is that Speedos make you very flat by design. The idea of having a Speedo bulge is almost funny. There are many sexy bikinis that offer you a great looking bulge and I would agree that having a bigger penis gives you a big advantage in the bulge department. My penis is very small but that works great when wearing swimwear designs to make you go fast. Early on I felt that swimming would be my sport of choice. I was a competitive swimmer in school and I still compete in masters classes. I have a Speedo fetish and the truth is I really love the way they feel and I love the way I look in them. The way they keep me almost completely flat in front sis sexy and with my legs and body shaved along with no pubic hair anywhere there I times I can pass for a girl. I am small enough to wear a girls bikini and I have tried on my girlfriends bikinis just for fun but they are not designed for men even men with equipment as small as mine. Speedos just seem to fit like they are spray painted on and if you have a nice round ass like mine ( I got the nice round Brazilian bubble butt just not the nice large cock!) there are few swimsuits that look better. I actually tan wearing thongs because I prefer the small tan line but for all around fun and sports nothing beats a Speedo!